Baylor Fashion 2015

I apologize for not posting in a while, but it has been hectic moving in and out of apartments, trying to read the mind of a seemingly interested young man, grades, and of course, finances. But here are some pictures from the photo shoot (also coordinate with the fashion show) by designer Lauralee Strewart:

Screenshot 2015-05-22 15.21.42 Screenshot 2015-05-10 11.21.27 Screenshot 2015-05-10 11.23.08 Screenshot 2015-05-10 11.23.30 Screenshot 2015-05-10 11.23.52Lauralee’s inspiration for her collection was Enchanted. And whimsical it was. I wore two of these designs and in each one I felt like I could be in a fairytale, all the while wearing something that I could and would wear in the real world. The pants for example: LOVE, and would wear them everyday if I was given the chance. One of my favorite pieces was what the models called the “queen” look. The long train outfit. This outfit is consisted of four separate pieces: the crop, sweetheart top (made of the same fabric as the detachable skirt), a rose pink sequined jacket with a lace up front, golden-tan tweed pants, and the wonderful open shirt. It buttons in the front and flows in the back. The model wearing this during the fashion show explained to me how she felt so…stunning while walking down the run way. The power of the skirt would flow behind her and all the sudden, for a brief moment, there was no make believe in this fairytale. Lauralee, you did wonderful, and I so enjoyed wearing your clothes. If there is any extra fabric, I will pay good money for a pair of pants (not kidding people, these pants (as well as the rest of the collection) are amazing!). I hope, and know that this young and talented designer will achieve her goals, her clothing was not only beautiful, but well made, and with such creativity! The more pictures I get, I’ll post!

Oh, here is another one of Lauralee’s designs for the fashion show, it was not part of her collection, but the jacket (gold and coral tweed) is too beautiful not to post (there was also a navy dress with gold trimming, but I don’t have a picture of it). Screenshot 2015-05-22 15.39.53


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