Hey y’all, so I know it has been awhile, I’m waiting to post Baylor fashion pics till I get them all in, but I was watching Game of Thrones and I realized how much people focus on the surface of looks. Now, as a fashion major, I am very in tune with looks, but I don’t meant acne, or scars, I mean bone structure. Now in GOT, I noticed that the young princess (of whoever, can’t ever get the names right) is always focused on her face of dragon scales (or whatever they are) and the thing is, she is a sweet, cute girl, just because she has a few scars doesn’t mean that she isn’t beautiful! It is about bone structure!

I remember I had a boyfriend who would always complain about his acne, but I saw what he couldn’t see: a beautiful young man with amazing bone structure, and I was right! He went on Accutine (not what I recommend) and now everyone sees what I always saw! Zits, scars, and wrinkles are (maybe not easy) to hide, but how you are shaped, how you look, is forever. And honestly, if you find that one person who thinks you are more beautiful than any VS model, who cares?! That is another think I have learned during my freshman year at college (BTW, had my last final today, officially not a college freshman anymore!!).

In my opinion, if there is something you wish to improve on yourself, then do it! What is stopping you! Put on make up, or go to the gym! (I know it sounds harsh, but I believe that nay change you want to make is in your power), so do it. I’m not particularly happy with my freshman 15 body, so the gym is my second home; I’m trying to make myself happy with how I look; so do the same! Alright, well it is almost 3 in the morning, don’t ask why I am awake, but I will go to sleep. I will post more in the mooring. Have a wonderful night/morning!!!!!!!


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