Yes, some can be a bit…much…at least in my opinion. But honestly, my whole blog tries to promote confidence, so if a tattoo makes you feel awesome, then great! I have considered getting one, and maybe one day I will! I will admit…guys with tattoos: yum. That’s all I can really think to say. During spring break, I went to Destin, Florida, and it was so great, and the “flash-tats” really made the atmosphere very exotic, which isn’t really something Florida is known for (let’s face it, the US may be a melting pot of ethnicities, but overall, it’s not exotic). But the whole feeling of the few days was really amazing: I suppose the exotic feeling was really a feeling of freedom. Despite the amount of arrests, everyone was free to do as they pleased. It was perfectly okay to just walk into a shop in nothing but a bathing suit. And the sight of the flash-tats was a real demonstration of freedom. People (girls, the boys were not really into flash tats) who would normally never get any type of tattoo in fear of their parents’ wraths, put on these two week, metallic tattoos in order to obtain the feeling that they are rebellious. In reality, everything was only temporary, but the illusion of risk made it risky. Tattoos, temporary or permanent, can inflict a feeling of limitless and danger and a promiscuous persona. So bring the tats on.


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