Fashion and home go hand in hand. As one of my fashion classes has taught me, trends influence fashion and home decor. In the 60’s the “space-age” futuristic look was seen everywhere. Now, we see monograms EVERYWHERE. For easter, I received a white button down with a pink monogram on the front pocket, and I love it. Call me a typical girl, but there’s something very Risky Business about wearing it. Of course, this goes with my own creations of monogram paintings.

(on Etsy: )

IMG_9973 IMG_0521 IMG_4277

As you can see, monograms in fashion (jewelry, clothes) transfer over to home and office. Whether it’s a wall hanging, pillow case, car sticker, or frankly anything, it has a monogram because monograms are a current trend. Why are they so popular? Because of the persona they give off. Similar to Ralph Lauren, monograms give a persona of a country club, high society, preppy style. Many (not all) want to live this lifestyle. They want to give off the characteristic of tennis clubs, Cape Cod beach houses, and Hampton’s summers. It’s all about selling a lifestyle to the buyers. Ralph Lauren’s personalized crisp while linens are quality, but the price of them isn’t only dependent on the materials, labor, and time; but also on the lifestyle they imply. This all sounds very repetitive, but isn’t that how trends are? As soon as a teenage girl sees a monogram necklace, they want it on absolutely everything, thus repeating the trend over and over again.

Well at least monograms are much better than saggy pants and jeans with holes in the crotch.


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