Dress to Impress

As a freshman fashion major, many simply sum up my major with three letters: MRS. My witty reaction to any boy calling me an MRS is “You wish” (That usually gets them to shut it). But why do people think that just because my major is in a field I love, I am only at school to get married? If that were true, I’d skip school, and save the money for my dream wedding! The bottom line is that I don’t go to school for anyone else’s benefit, just how I don’t “dress to impress” other people. I choose jeans instead of yoga pants, and a blouse instead of a t-shirt all to make myself feel confident, not for others to see me. If I feel that I look outstanding, then that’s all that matters; I don’t need the approval of anyone else. Sure, compliments and stares are appreciated and wanted, but not needed. I love to dress up in heels and walk with a model strut, but not to make others notice!

Now, I’m saying all of this to convey one message: we should all dress to impress ourselves. If you want to go out in leggings and a large t-shirt, then go ahead! However you want to design yourself is your choice; just as long as you own it. Who cares what other people think? Are their thoughts really going to impact your life? If so, then go into your closet, put on “that one dress” that I mentioned in a previous post, put on some daring make up, and heels, and dance around. Have fun! No one is watching (and if they are – who cares)! Own your look, and own yourself. Clothing is there to help you love yourself. Dress to impress yourself first – only think about other people’s thoughts later.


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