What Every Woman Needs

1. LBD


Started by Chanel after her lover passed, the Little Back Dress (LBD) has grown into a stable in every woman’s closet. Even though black was used solely as a color of mourning, it’s new potential is even more meaningful. An LBD can make any woman feel 100%. The color is not only slimming, but and LBD is limitless. It can consist of any texture, fabric, and cut. You can dress it up or down. The idea of the dress is to make its model feel their best.

2. Red Hot Heels


It is said that red is the color of passion, and wearing red stilettos implies a sexual desire. For me, when I wear red heels, I want to be noticed. I am not necessarily trying to give off some sexual vibe, hell I’m only a teenager, but those red heels just give me confidence, and that’s the sexiest thing, right? Confidence? So maybe wearing red heels isn’t what makes others around you believe you are the hottest tamale in the room…it’s you! If those red shoes make you feel like you’re limitless, then in the eyes of everyone else, you are! Your confidence makes you so. I guess we know why the Wizard gave Dorothy the chance to go home.

3. Don’t be afraid to go Nude!


While I wouldn’t go naked in public, I would go nude! Nude heels are a sure way of make your legs appear longer, and a nude garment is a perfect neutral for any outfit. Nude is not boring; it’s unlimited. Anything can go with it, even itself! A nude (or tan or whatever you’d like to call it) outfit isn’t always boring; add some texture, and mix the fabrics, and you’ve got one hell of an outfit!

4. Classics


I am so tired of people (especially those my age) saying anything with a hemline below the knee is too long and old. Long hems aren’t old; they’re classic. I’m not saying that everything we own should be in a modest length, but some garments in our closet should be appropriate to wear to brunch with the grandparents! If Audrey Hepburn doesn’t exemplify classic fashion, I don’t know who does. Classic means that the elegance of a style stays elegant basically forever. Looking and this picture, it is still something a modern woman could wear and be considered looking outstanding. It’s classic.

5. Those wonderful lazy days in


I am one of those people who dresses up for classes, but everyone has those days where all they want to do is curl up and watch Netflix. Having a big (probably 5 sizes too big) sweater to snuggle in during these days in not a crime. Of course, if done correctly, these sweaters can be taken outside of the house, and shown to the world in a very fashionable way! Just embrace the comfy, oversized, sweater; it’s well worth it.

6. Butt loving jeans


Now, if you’re like me, you don’t have a booty, and personally, I’ve never wanted to have the perfectly round butt, I am fine with my small booty. Regardless if you have a butt or not, every woman needs that one pair of jeans that can fix all problems. If your bum looks good, then you can expect to turn some heads! Play it up, and don’t be shy!

7. The Go-To


It is not a crime to have multiple colors in your go-to shirt. A go-to should be a plain article of clothing that can be paired with anything, dressed up (or dressed down). Imagine this shirt with a beaded necklace, a pair of jeans, some ballet flats, and maybe a jacket. You can pair it with anything!

8. Hanky Panky


For the ladies who don’t like thongs… listen up: I swear by these. No one likes a piece of cloth going up their boodies, but these thongs honestly feel like clouds. The fabric stretches, but rarely rips, and they are just so gosh darn cute! Plus, you don’t have to worry about panty lines. They are well worth the $20, I refuse to wear anything else!

9. That One Dress…


Whether it’s a loose fitting t-shirt dress, or a tight bondage dress, have one that you can thrown on and immediately feel 100%.

10. Confidence


For starters: this picture is adorable, but that’s besides the point. The best thing a woman, or anyone, can have in their closet, and life, is confidence. Any outfit can be made stylish if the wearer owns his or her look. Likewise, any outfit is easily ignored if the wearer wishes to be ignored.

Overall, everything in your closet should be not only practical, but should have the sole purpose of making you the best you that you can be. Don’t forget that there is always a silver lining, even if you’re not wearing a little silver necklace. 🙂


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