As my first post, I figured that I would create a tribute to a woman who was another mother to me, as well as a well known designer in the fashion industry. She dressed people like Goldie Hawn, Jaclyn Smith, Barbara Walters and Christie Brinkley in ornate sweaters. Lisa Nichols was not only a wonderful designer for Berek Ltd., but she was also a wonderful person. Her daughter is one of my best friends, and reminds me so much of Miss Lisa. I remember hiding in Lisa’s gigantic closet, and having to tunnel my way through her numerous Manolo Blahniks. She had a whole wall full of earrings. Every shape and size would dazzle as you walked by. Her favorite pair, I remember my friend showing me, was never displayed on this glittering wall; they were tucked away in a small box. They were bird cages with a little black crow sitting on the resting swing. They were just as dazzling as everything else in Miss Lisa’s house. Miss Lisa’s sass transferred into her home decor as well. She had chairs made of beautiful silk, which she designed herself, and every season, she’d change decorations around her home. It really was a home, Miss Lisa made it hers.

Back to the fashion part. I always knew that she was a designer, but I never realized how successful she was. It wasn’t until I read the article from People Magazine that I fully understood the extent of her designs. (,,20095663,00.html)

Upon her passing, I bought two of her designs. One of which is a short sleeve black sweater with pink, green, orange, and blue stitches that mimic paint splatters. The other is a white long sleeve sweater. This one is detailed with textured beading along the collar and hem. Both remind me of her every time I look at them. They both scream Lisa Nichols. Their uniqueness and funky characteristics represent the designer.

One sweater I wish to acquire next is one that displays a football game on a sweater. It has pyramids of cheerleaders and football players running to the end field. The buttons are little footballs too.

Why does this sweater mean so much to me? Well, I saw Miss Lisa and her daughter for the first time in about 3 years over this summer, and Lisa and I gushed on how much we loved cheer. She informed me of something I hadn’t previously known: she had been a cheerleader just like I had. It’s a simple fact, but it is another connection to a woman who was a mother to me. She is and will be missed everyday; not only for her creative talent, but for herself.


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